Ero Copper Announces Voting Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

April 27, 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia – Ero Copper Corp. (TSX: ERO, NYSE: ERO) (“Ero” or the “Company”) reported the voting results from its annual general meeting of shareholders held today in a virtual-only format conducted by live audio teleconference. A total of 76,996,438 common shares were represented at the meeting, being 85.33% of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Company as at the March 7, 2022 record date. Shareholders voted in favour of all items of business before the meeting, including the re-election of management’s nominees as directors for the ensuing year and the advisory vote on executive compensation. Detailed results of the votes are presented below.

Each item of business voted upon at the meeting is described in detail in the Company's Management Information Circular dated March 8, 2022 (the “Circular”), which is available on the Company's website (, on SEDAR ( and on EDGAR (


Each of the nine nominees in the Circular were re-elected as directors of the Company for the ensuing year, and the outcome of the vote by ballot was as follows:

      Number of Common Shares Voted       Percentage of Votes Cast  
Director Nominee   For Withheld   For Withheld
Christopher Noel Dunn   71,129,099 1,413,951   98.05 % 1.95 %
David Strang   72,433,163 109,887   99.85 % 0.15 %
Lyle Braaten   67,150,302 5,392,748   92.57 % 7.43 %
Steven Busby   71,571,422 971,628   98.66 % 1.34 %
Dr. Sally Eyre   64,584,767 7,958,283   89.03 % 10.97 %
Robert Getz   71,292,135 1,250,915   98.28 % 1.72 %
Chantal Gosselin   72,223,489 319,561   99.56 % 0.44 %
John Wright   72,422,185 120,865   99.83 % 0.17 %
Matthew Wubs     72,431,725 111,325   99.85 % 0.15 %


KPMG LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants, was re-appointed as the auditor of the Company for the ensuing year, and the directors of the Company were authorized to fix the remuneration to be paid to the auditor, and the outcome of the vote by ballot was as follows:         

    Number of Common Shares Voted         Percentage of Votes Cast  
Appointment of Auditor For Withheld   For Withheld
KPMG LLP 76,968,226 28,212   99.96 % 0.04 %


The non-binding advisory “say on pay” resolution accepting the Company’s approach to executive compensation as described in the Circular was approved, and the outcome of the vote by ballot was as follows:         

    Number of Common Shares Voted         Percentage of Votes Cast  
  For Against   For Against
Advisory Vote on Executive Compensation 67,576,063 4,966,986   93.15 % 6.85 %


Ero Copper Corp is a high-growth, clean copper producer with operations in Brazil and corporate headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. The Company's primary asset is a 99.6% interest in the Brazilian copper mining company, Mineração Caraíba S.A. ("MCSA"), 100% owner of the MCSA Mining Complex, which is comprised of operations located in the Curaçá Valley, Bahia State, Brazil, where the Company currently mines copper from the Pilar and Vermelhos underground mines and the Surubim open pit mine, and the Boa Esperança development project, an IOCG-type copper project located in Pará, Brazil. The Company also owns 97.6% of NX Gold S.A. ("NX Gold") which owns the NX Gold Mine, an operating gold and silver mine located in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

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